1. A person from Romani descent. An ethnic race with origins from India. They are an often persecuted and hated people among outsiders or gadji (Romani term for non-Romani) due to the immense prejudice and derogatory stereo-types believed by most people.

2. A person whom chooses to travel, and does not possess permanent residence or stability. This term is often referred to anyone practicing such a lifestyle regardless of ethnicity or background.

3. Something that is in character, ownership, or pertaining to the Romani. (ie: This is a gypsy dance; my gypsy friend is funny; you have a gypsy sense of style)
"I am a Gypsy trying to educate the ignorant about our race."

"A Gypsy bleeds the same blood as you do. We are all human when it comes to the reality of things."

"No, Borat. The gypsy does not want to eat your 'KHRUM'."
by Romani Girl November 11, 2006
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A community of people (some travel, some don't) who live separately to mainstream society that share different traditions, morals and backgrounds. I am sat in the an office now where there are three Gypsy girls who I manage on a day to day basis, I have spoken to them in depth comparing our lifestyles, values etc. I can honestly say that sone of the comments that come under this definition are disgusting and just show how ignorant and oblivious people can be. I do not know any irish gypsies socannot speak for them but I'm sure their not as bad as everyone makes out either. So let's get the facts straight.

1) Not all gypsies steal, I know a few who have respectable companies and earn a living just like everyone else (Well excluding the vast amount of non-gypsy people around the country who sit on their arse claiming benefits being lazy.

2) I am assuming a large majority of the posters are so under educated and do not follow crime statistics as theft and violence related crimes are carried out by women and men of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

3) They are not dirty people, the ones I know are very clean, well mannered and spend their whole Sundays cleaning themselves. Also would like to add they own their properties and do not claim housing benefits as they are scared of working.

It is a form of racism and is unacceptable. In a society in this day and age you think people would be open minded but obviously not!!! Ignorance is the first sign of stupidity.
The Gypsy stole everything
by Cclark May 05, 2015
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filthy scum that steals babies and makes them perform for money on the side of the street. The men steal shit from civilized humans, then try to resell it. The woman steal babies then throw them at regular woman who drop their purses in order to catch the baby, the gypsy runs off with the purse. They roam the earth and wear gross, gypsy attire as they play their tambourines and dance around in a disgusting gypsy circle, Fucking Wankers.
That filthy gypsy cunt over there tried to read my palm for 5 dollars. When I said no, she kicked me in the shin and threw dog shit at me.

Billy you cant go out and play tonight, gypsies just rolled into town and we dont want you getting kidnapped and turned into gypsy filth
by thegypsyhater6996 July 10, 2008
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A dirty little thief that lives in a caravan and moves from car park to car park with no aim in life whatsoever, gypsy's (A.K.A pykey gyppo) are often chavs (the scum of the earth) as they have no money and can only afford cheap sportswear.

Gypsy's are the descendants of hippies although gypsy's cannot afford weed.

Gypsy's will refuse to move off your land untill the police move them on.
A gypsy cant afford houses and don't want to pay tax.
by zach1234123433 August 21, 2008
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As a genuine romni traveller living in the UK I would describe us as misunderstood people. The ones you see on TV they are not romni. They are New Age travellers and it is different. All my people want is to live at peace with everyone and be free to live our life the way we choose to without prejudice. We will not judge you, please do not judge us. We face so much judgement and I understand where it comes from. People do not trust that which they don't know so I understand completely. It's a case of the actions of a few let down the reputation of us all and so has been the case for years. We are people at one with nature, we love the earth, we live,off the land and I can say for myself, I only want peace. Gypsy we are called. We are Romany travellers. An ancient line of free spririted slanderers.cthw story goes that there was a curse hundreds of years ago that forbids us to settle and has sent us wandering all of our days.
I am a gypsy girl, a Romany traveller girl. My name is Sarita. I love to dance and I love the earth and I am so thankful for the breath in my body and the rhythm of my hart. X
by GypsyGirlSarita February 04, 2016
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someone that cannot afford their own equipment , hence must scab off others.
what the shit, sean you gypsy, get your own highlighters!
by stacali July 12, 2009
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