9 definitions by rnnrdad

A casual name for a person you are having sex with but are not committed to.
Jim: Bill, You and Meghan have been spending a lot of time together. Are you two getting serious? Bill: No, she is just my lobster.
by rnnrdad February 15, 2017
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Smoking marijuana, enjoying things that are "green".
Bill: "What are you doing this afternoon?" Jeff: "Going over to Meghan's, we are planning on greening and watching cartoons "
by rnnrdad March 27, 2017
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Another term for using your GPS system.
Bill: How go we get to Craxy Meghan's house? Jim: I have her address, we can just gypsy the directions ,
by rnnrdad December 21, 2017
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Another name for an adult entertainment establishment, a strip club
Bill: "Dude, where did you meet that hot chick, Meghan?" Dan: "She dances at the jiggle joint right by my house."
by rnnrdad May 04, 2018
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A request for a freaky and fast sexual encounter.
Karen; "We have 10 minutes between class, lets go up on the roof and you can jim my johns"
by rnnrdad October 03, 2015
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Dude, I saw Meghan stop by your apartment yesterday afternoon, but she left a few minutes later.

She just wanted to Jim my John between classes.
by rnnrdad November 17, 2015
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Billy: I am heading over to Meghan's. She said her lawnmower is acting jinky and I want to see if I can fix it.
by rnnrdad May 08, 2017
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