Gusy, is a White Supremacist term for the N word, it originates from the Turkish word for toilet.
Man, That Gusy over there stole my bike.
by Frog Luther King December 17, 2020
Gusy is the word that we humans have to fight for our rights to be more and better.
For eviting wars.
For ending with the problems that are attacking our planet.
Gusy = world peace
Obama: "I am gusy gang. I help to end climatic changes."
News Woman: "Obama is now a gusy guy"
by 0ren December 6, 2020
A type of homebrew stout beer made by a guy named Gus reminiscent of Guinness.
This Gusiness is a tribute to stout beers
by Langdon Olger January 10, 2009
Derived from the english word "guys" pl for "Guy" meaning a person of either sex.

although "gusy" can be both plural and singual.

pl. Gussies
Hey gusy! how you doin?!
by Geandily September 5, 2004