A male ranging from the ages of 60-65 that drives a pannel van with no windows and filled with candy.
Here comes that Gusto driving around the school again.
by WaylonJones December 08, 2010
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Known as a person of a shapely size using unknown words to describe their feelings...
by kb May 11, 2004
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totally disgusting; shouldnt have to be seen or heard by anyone even those fagots that are into that kinky shit
The dead baby in the street is totally gusto

Thomas shit his pants and it smelt extremely gusto, fuck that kid he made the car smell like ass.
by lil bur February 12, 2007
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A person who acts fake, Someone who lies alot.
She said she got Bow wows number at his concert last night. She is super Gusto!
by Nai Nai February 15, 2006
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1artistic, full of energy, with taste and vigor

2fast, light-feeted movement made my and individual
The Theif was gusto as he crept around and attacked his victim so fast, the victim didnt was knocked out without even opening their eyes.
by gusto5 October 16, 2004
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A term commonly used for going stupid smack. It specifically refers to an extreme level of savageness when engaging in flirtation with the opposite sex. When going gusto one would go smack at everything in whatever location they are in while also saying "off the wall things." The term has started to become popular in the DMV area but the term originated in North Carolina.
Attractive Female Thot ( who is possibly foreign but we have yet to confirm her ancestry): I would but.... ( hesitation) I actually have a man.
Young Gustavo: What's your man got to do with me ?
Attractive Female Thot: Let's get out of here. Should we go to your place ?
Young Gustavo: No my girls home. But my cars in the parking lot and you already know the seats are on recline

Next Day

One of the homies: Damn brah what happened with you last night ?
Young Gustavo: Shit went gusto. Caught the Gucci GuWop in the parking lot
One of the homies: Forreal. So you went dumb smack last night.
Young Gustavo: Gusto bro. Its not a choice its a lifestyle.
by Young Gustavo June 25, 2014
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