A relatively rare surname of Chinese origin. Originally given to people who lived on the outskirts of cities in ancient China. Same as the Vietnamese Quach and the Korean Kwak.

Historically, Guos have been given special acclaim as they have made major contributions to China's governance, science and military. Guo was a surname often seen with royalty, as throughout Chinese history Guos have been appointed to important roles and were highly regarded for their reliability and honesty.

In the western world, Guos are relatively rare and usually hail from educated families, continuing their tradition of excellence especially in fields of academics.
"See that guy who got 99?"
"Yeah, he's a Guo"
"Not surprised at all"
by daschudenspol February 07, 2014
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From a Chinese word “过”. An extension of "over" that can be used in it's place as an adjective: descriptive of one's certian level of intoxication; pertaining to any type of mind/mood altering substance used in excess.

A word is the same as weird, insane and too much.
What a guo day!

Please try, also, not to go totally freaking guo in the process.

Sometimes your whole life boils down to one guo move.

“Am I too guo?” He said thought, and knew something had to change.
by Ptthakid April 26, 2020
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A small little boy that has no sense of direction. Usually hopeless in every romantic situation. Everyone hates him except himself
Wow im a James Guo

Your such a James Guo!

Is that a James Guo?
by ArMach January 07, 2019
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Used to describe a medic of a Red cross society. Loves spending his time around japanese hentai comics and games. Indulges in massive fetishes and sniffing. Favourite game and friend is Faby from flappy bird.
Hey look at that guy over there, he's known as Guo Wei.
Stop calling me a guo wei! Not everyone you know is Guo Wei!
It is not easy to earn the title of Guo Wei.
by CHIWAITAGO March 18, 2019
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Korea. Tou means stealing and Guo means country. This word is from Chinese slang. Because Korea is a country which denies history and steal culture from other nations.
“You heard about the news?”
“Nah. Tou Guo Korea stole something again?”
“Is there any other country which would do that?”
by Jonathan Teng February 25, 2021
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The most boring and average high schooler you'll ever meet. Average looks, average height, average personality, average size, average purity score. In fact, his only skill is getting lucky, but as average luck goes, that only happens half the time.

Definitely not a fuckboi but also not a virgin, definitely not an idiot but also not a genius. Ethan Guo just exudes mediocrity.
I don't see why any girl would date Ethan Guo. He's so uninteresting and low-energy that I would rather sleep (which he doesn't get enough of) than talk to him.
by vjudge101 April 22, 2019
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She is an overcooked dumpling, an egg, huevo, won't stop spamming baby yoda (which is a good thing), math genius, can be very good at art but also very bad and she lets us steal her snacks she gets for lunch. overall, she is a skinny legend who stays that way even when she eats enough to feed a family of 6.
Dude, she looks like a linli guo, the skinny legend!
by TheOfficialKocho November 15, 2020
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