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A strong Belgian beer served up to you in a round-bottomed glass that doesn't sit on a table but in some kind of weird wooden contraption reminscent of something from a science lab from a rubbish school in Kirkby in the late 1970s.
After necking 10 Kwaks, I was fucking wallarseholed on it. I tried to get hold of some bird and made a right wallidiot of myself.
by The_Fish66 June 05, 2007
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To get kwacked:
1) To overdose on something less than a beer can and a ciggarette, to the point where you need to be carried by your friends.

2) To have a moment where you have no perception of your surroundings and you need to rely on your mates to wake you up.

3) A feeling of satisfaction when your friends bail you out of an overdose.
1) "I know you want to try another beer, but I seriously don't want you getting kwacked again."

2) "Did I just kwak through the entire math class?"

3) "I wouldn't feel so kwacked if it wasn't for you guys."
by FruitIfYouWill April 10, 2015
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