Aboriginal Origin; typically North Queensland (Mackay) and northward.

Meaning; Beautiful, attractive, lovely girl
1. Chay Bala check out that gumma
2. Aye that gumma proper lovely
by Bundjalung Boy September 20, 2018
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1) a tumor of gummy or rubbery consistency that is characteristic of the tertiary stage of syphilis

2) a greasy pie filled with lamb meat pieces popular among people who enjoy street food in Uzbekistan
Gummas can grow in any organ in the body but are most often found in the liver.

Does Borat enjoy the delicate taste of gumma?
by C. Ow September 14, 2006
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great /good looking/ sexy person. orginates in the Northern Territory of Australia
he is the nuffest gumma
by nuffestgummanumber1 April 04, 2011
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Tertiary (late) stage syphilitic sores on the vaginal wall (i.e., cunt). The lesions are red with a necrotic and oozing center. These sores are typically the sign of a long term syphilis infection and the implication is that if you suffer from them, you are sexually promiscuous (and nasty).
That girl is so skanky, I bet she has a gumma cunt." Can also be used to as an embellished derogatory name, e.g., "she is such a gumma cunt."
by Evelyn Waugh April 09, 2011
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Used as another word for pimp or ladies man; someone who gets alot of women.
Tyler is such a gumma killer. Look at him with all those women!
by GKwhore December 13, 2011
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Short for "good morning" in the ACRC Weird Sounds lexicon.
"Gumma! Would you like some eggies for breakfast?"
by Werhh January 07, 2019
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