Gumbling can mean to make something from nothing so in other words basically hussling.

It can also mean if you’ve secured a gyal for youself for example “yo did you draw that ting g” “yeah I gumbled it still”
“yo did you draw that ting fam” “yeah I gumbled it still” that’s the definition of gumbling
by Gumbling March 7, 2021
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A rousing game of english muffin between two people.
Yo T-heady my dick is so sore from our gumble to gumble tournament last night.
by Alveezy May 20, 2008
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A character from the TV show "The Simpsons". His first debut was in Season 32, Episode 1.
Watched a new episode of The Simpsons for the first time in 5 years and I guess they added this hideous new character called Gumbly to the family? What in the fuck is this shit, please just cancel the show already
by TheHellIsAPseudonym February 3, 2021
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prone to rolling; having significant density
That girl is gumbly yo.
by cobraaaaaa March 28, 2010
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Tommy doesn't have the gumbility to ask becky on a date.
by Gerner November 19, 2018
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Appearing too lazy to change your Facebook status, even tho' there's a typo or grammar error.
Andy was bleary-eyed this AM, and can't type worth crap. And, he's kind of lazy, so he's gumbling instead of fixing things and making them make sense...
by Mr. Squib August 25, 2008
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When ones significant other takes one ball, squeezing it slightly and putting in your rectum.
Ooh baby, I want you to braynt gumble me tonight after dinner!
by Jrep24 February 20, 2016
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