Halfway through sexual activities, you get up and turn the light off.

After waiting a few seconds, you ask the girl whether she can see you.

When she replies 'no', you proceed to say

"that's because you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it" as you swiftly shit into your hand, and launch it in her face
"We tried to mix it up last night, did The Bane, ended my 5 year marriage"
by TheBaneMaster April 5, 2014
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The Bane is a sexual move where the recieving partner is removed at the moment of climax and swiftly lifted and brought down upon a knee to break their spine. The partner is then thrown into a pit with a victory cry and told to watch as the city they love is ruined before them.
"This bitch was being too noisy last night so I gave her The Bane."
"Harsh, bro. That takes five months to recover from. Minimum."
by DadsDicklesonsEiffleTower March 29, 2016
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Thats when you fuck a girl standing up and when you're done fucking. You lift her up above your head and drop her into your knee and break her back
"Oh she's in the hospital because they got kinky and tried "The Bane".
by TentacleImpregnationCompilatio February 23, 2016
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a word of exclamation, or happiness. used when you want to express your deepest feelings
sally: I got 100% on my test
Jane: wow banes!
by Marmitelover January 5, 2018
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To emulate the pose of Bane, super villain of Batman, from the motion picture The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

Stand tall, back straight with your hands clasped to the collar of your garment (preferably a utility vest or a tank top) or to any sort of vertical straps that run down your torso. You can tip your head back sightly, open your eyes wide or wear a pain killing face mask that covers your nose and mouth for added effect.
"Look at that guy Baneing on top of that bulldozer!"
by prach138 September 1, 2012
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THE messiah who saw a future & guide us on what will cause coronavirus & how to deal with it.
Person A: Yo bud, coronavirus is fucking everyone, what should we & government do?
Person B: Try to imitate Bane.

Person A: wdym?

Person B: wear mask, cancel sporting events, lockdown the whole city & most importantly, stay away from bitchass BAT.
Person A: Man, he is real Dark Knight!

#Bane #the_dark_Knight #coronavirus #China #batman
by Ultimate One March 17, 2020
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