When you enjoy a type of music or particular program but you are to ashamed to admit you listen to it/ watch it to your friends and family.
I love watching Air Crash Investigation, but I dont want to watch it in publlic because I don't want to be judged. its my guilty pleasure
by Xayberg January 10, 2017
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Something that someone likes, even if they're aware of its faults. In some cases, they may even have difficulty finding something positive to say about it.
Person A: Why exactly do you like some of the things you like? The appeal in some of them is lost on me.
Person B: Well, I... Huh. That's a really good question. I guess they're what I'd call guilty pleasures.
Person A: Fair enough.
by Ryan Clark Jr. July 2, 2017
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Something you really want to do and have no control over , even though you know you shouldn’t .
Guilty pleasure example . Fuck an example . Do what you desire to do no matter what the outcome is .
by Bad biddy #1 November 16, 2020
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A guilty pleasure is something cringey that you find joy in watching
I like watching liveshows, it’s my guilty pleasure.
by Eggsinthewind May 30, 2020
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Something that you shouldn't like, but like anyway.
A cigarette every now and then is a guilty pleasure for me.
by SuperSonicX September 24, 2005
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Something that you love to do, but you just cannot admit that you do it.
Guy 1: "DUDE, you still watch Pokemon?"
Guy 2: "WHAT? NO! Ok, I do, its my guilty pleasure.
by carlsonmandude December 23, 2006
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