7 definitions by Ryan Clark Jr.

A mistake that is caused by a lack of experience, a lack of attention, a lack of care, or any combination of the 3.
Person A: My roommate was playing Grand Theft Auto the other day, but it was his first time playing a game in the series. That part became clear when he tried stealing the first parked car he saw... only to immediately get a wanted level because there was a police car nearby that he somehow didn't notice.

Person B: Talk about a rookie mistake.
by Ryan Clark Jr. March 12, 2018
The fastest way to lose friends.
Guy A: What do you think about politics.
Guy B: ... Yeah, I'm outta here.
by Ryan Clark Jr. September 20, 2016
A colloquialism used to describe a point in time, specific or otherwise
Person A: I found some old records in an antique store the other day; made from vinyl and everything.
Person B: What are records?
Person A: They're how people listened to music back in the day before CDs and radios.
by Ryan Clark Jr. September 23, 2017
An obnoxious or contemptable person, especially one who thinks they're worth more than they really are.
Our class president Jim is the biggest douchebag I've ever met; you don't know what it's like hearing him brag about it over and over again.
by Ryan Clark Jr. October 23, 2017
Something that someone likes, even if they're aware of its faults. In some cases, they may even have difficulty finding something positive to say about it.
Person A: Why exactly do you like some of the things you like? The appeal in some of them is lost on me.
Person B: Well, I... Huh. That's a really good question. I guess they're what I'd call guilty pleasures.
Person A: Fair enough.
by Ryan Clark Jr. July 2, 2017
Someone who can talk for hours and never actually say anything.
Person A: I swear, my history teacher gave the most boring lecture about the Renaissance I've ever heard. You want to know the really sad thing? I was listening to the entire thing, and I STILL have no idea what he was saying.
Person B: Maybe he should've been a politician.
Person A: Perhaps.
by Ryan Clark Jr. June 10, 2018
The middle ground between knives and swords, especially in fantasy settings.
Guy A: A dagger is basically a blade that's too big to be knife but too small to be a sword, even a short sword.
Guy B: Kinda like what thieves use in D&D and whatnot?
Guy A: Exactly.
by Ryan Clark Jr. May 25, 2019