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Sindh is a province, now in Pakistan, but previously part of undivided India. It is where the Indus Valley civilization flourished from 2300BC-1760BC. Sindh covers an area of 58,000 square miles. The people, who have spread their wings through the length and breadth of the globe, have shown a remarkable resillience and have adapted to the culture of all lands. They are hard workers and excellent in business, medicine, law, engineering, fashion, art, food and all professional fields. They have created a global community, striving to make a borderless nation.

Classic Sindhi stereotype:
Careful with money (almost tight-fisted), loyal and a good friend to have, good-looking, materialistic, very humorous, egotistical, hard-working, determined, and almost always successful
my sindhi friend got a 1600 on the SATs

Did you see that movie with the hot sindhi girl in it? she was fine as hell
by aaaaaaaamir September 29, 2006
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A caste/creed of South Asians, orginating from Sindh (now in Pakistan). Devotees of Jhulelal sai and lovers of Papad. Sindhis are famous through out the world for there international appeal, high status, and competitive nature. Considered the elite business men (and women) of any region they enter. Always ready to party as well as attend prayers: A perfect blend of richness/high status/humourous/slightly overweight/cool Indians.
Most successfull Bollywood film producers are Sindhi;
That $indhi came to my city and took over all my business with his smart tactics and efficeint business models!; Although that $indhi is very stingy, he does have a coolest car!
by Kani Seth December 29, 2003
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Sindhi is a group of people originated from Pakistan. They are cheap and cheat, they have businesses in India and are very lame and ugly. They have a lot of facial hair and are mannerless. They are weak and have no guts of their own.
Eg: Look at him, he’s a Sindhi
by Theonewhomadeyou September 05, 2017
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