The most versatile term to have ever existed; The term sits comfortably ahead of words such as 'fuck' and 'okay'. Although having no real meaning, its' possibilities are endless. The only limit being the user knowing when to say it. Wangalang.
Lukk.e : This new album is so hard .
Jo: Wangalang

*Man begins to drown*
*Man is saved

Maya: Sooo. Who is Jenny?
Jon: Wangalang. I knew you was gon ask me that too.

T: We wangalangin today?
Von: I have homework :(
by Lucas Joseph March 10, 2021
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idiot, stupid, dipshit, queerwig etc.
Matt you wangalang! You scratched my anchor!
by wraith August 30, 2004
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The person with a big wangalang does 5 A-Levels
by NotABigWang December 25, 2020
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