someone so geeky, nerdy, dorky or awkward, you can't help but appreciate them. Someone who's adorableness thrives from their embarrassing, or awkward actions. Or someone who performs old fashioned courting traditions, or overly charming.
"He offered to walk me home and carried my books. What a gube"
"She's such a gube cause she giggles a lot when she gets nervous. Its cute but so distracting."

Peewee Herman, Screech-saved by the bell, Spongebob Squarepants.
by Allora Voy' January 17, 2014
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1.A lubed gooch...

2.Really just an accidental word that sounds like it should mean a lubed gooch that when using t9 on my phone popped up for some reason...

3.Kind of like when you call someone a douche
Valo-"Novie yer such a gube!"

Falcone-"Seriously Novie you need to be nice once in awhile and stop actin like such a douche!

Novie-"You guys are just used to me being an asshole.And I actually do something nice and productive for once and you guys treat me like shit.Maybe if you'd appreciate what I did for you I wouldnt be such a gube!!
by Heroin Novak January 29, 2009
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gubes, gubes are a curse !!
gubes are pubes but not them of a normall man or woman
but a CURSED ginger 1
most peeople try to shave these off but htey will will come back so just give up let the gubes flourish ,, but DONT show or tell ANY 1
boy;dnt touch her she has gubes
aimee;shut up
by shane thorn May 06, 2008
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