We we're all having a fun time, then Grunties came and wierded us out.
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
Fecal residue left after wiping; specifically, residue that has mixed with sweat, eventually resulting in an itchy sensation.
"Ah, man, I gotta take a shower, or at least go re-wipe. These grunties are driving me crazy!"
by WizardPickle September 29, 2009
A Pair of really awful Y-Front pants
A skegy pair of grunties
by John P January 21, 2004
Do you fancy indulging in some grunties tonight, darling?
by Alan December 2, 2003
a adorable cow like creature; very cute cow!!!
"wow look @ tat cute grunty!"
"its ugly"
"noooo its adorable!!!!!"
by Naru November 11, 2003
would you mind if I touch your gruntie Cynthia?
by John January 28, 2004
me ,i am the almighty grunty of the modified car scene
yo yo yo grunty's here make way for the grunty
by grunty February 16, 2004