When a person, often intentionally, uses a complaint about their wealth or good fortune as a thinly veiled opportunity to boast about it. Related to humble brag, backhanded compliment
"I can't believe my father-in-law left his brand new luxury car to us when he died. It's such a hassle dealing with all of the paperwork."

"Please. Stop. I can't stand how your grumble brag is pulling at my heartstrings."
by nunuhya April 5, 2023
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A group of dads in bad moods, self-appointed comedians, or a combination of either type. You will typically find dads who are always grumpy or dads who tell bad dad jokes congregating together. These are the dads that hang around the grill at family barbecues.
Steer clear of the sports shop at the mall, it is full of grumbles.

My dad started telling bad jokes at home ever since he joined a grumble in the neighborhood.
by CantWinHere October 10, 2023
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A pack of pugs.
Lets go put that grumble out of their misery, they look like they can't breathe.
by gustavochapo September 14, 2020
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An orgy made up of multiple anonymous men. Usually advertised on websites such as craigslist and backpage. Can also have a theme to the party, such as dressing up like Pugs while performing sexual acts.
"Hey Kevin, is the grumble at your place this weekend?"
by KPeck May 7, 2015
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The ability to triple one’s density after passing out from a night of drinking aka being a Whendii
“Hey man I can’t move them”
“Are they giving you the grumbles?”
You won’t be able to move them tonight then… just toss a blanket their way”
by ORYQOL November 23, 2021
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