The deep guttaral sound a guy makes when trying very hard not to orgasm, or when he is climaxing. It is insanely hot and your female partner will 100% cum if you do this.
Jane: "Shaun was growling last night and I came before he even touched me."

Sarah: "I'm drooling just thinking about it, honestly."
by Jajaboot November 25, 2016
"Growling" This is where you grab your 1 gallon growler beer bottles and go to your local breweries to fill and drink them. Stopping by multiple breweries throughout the night filling and drinking you growler bottles of beer.
This week I went Growling with my friend Kelli. First we went to the Mac & Jacks brewery, filled and drank a Growler of beer. Once we were done we went to the Rogue Brewery, filled one of their Growler bottles and drank it. After that we went to the Rock Bottom Brewery, filled and drank a Growler bottles of their beer. Then we finished the night by going to the Ram brewery, filled and drank one of their Growler bottles of beer.
by Panamaredd March 4, 2011
Growl is a low-pitched, guttural singing style, usually used by the singers of the death metal genre. It can also be heard in other types of heavy metal. They are low-pitched, guttural and typically hard to decipher. Also called a death grunt, death growl, or death vocal. Idiots might generally refer to it as "cookie monster vocals". But those are just that: idiots, and should be taken as so.
Anders Fridén, lead singer of In Flames uses a modified version of the death growl.
by Power_Gamer April 14, 2006
The noise you make when you are pissed, or aroused.
1. He would not turn the volume down on the TV, so I growled at him.
2. A low growl of desire rumbled in his throat as he caressed my breasts.
by ~souba~ November 20, 2005
Look over yonder. Methinks I see a growl of lesbians growling each other out
by Repeter84 July 11, 2008
the deep and meaningful sound that erupts from the mouth when you are doing something that stimulates you.
your stiff hard woodrow deep inside my forest is causing me to growl!
by exhortshyer November 9, 2003