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This act takes place within one evening ( perhaps a party in most cases) , and involves two guys and one girl. First guy #1 bags this trash-barrel whore, then guy #2 has his shot and then finally guy #1 comes back for one last go. Thus serving 2 non-consecutive terms!
"At a frat party"
Guy#2 "Mark" : Hey "Joe", you won't believe it, I just fucked that skank Judy 10 mins ago!

Guy#1 "Joe": Nice dude, I fucked her at the beginning of the party!

Guy#2 "Mark" : Wait, what?!? Goddamit! That's why she was so sloppy and loose, that fucking bitch!! UGH!!!

Guy#1 "Joe" : Eh fuck it, you pussy. I'm going back for round 2!

Guy#2 "Mark" : You're a regular motherfuckin' Grover Cleveland!
by Clockworkmike June 27, 2010
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A sexual act that requires a top hat, monocle, and a frozen piece of meaty stool. To complete the sex act named for the 22nd/24th President, a man must consume copious amounts of Taco Bell to ensure a hearty poop. He must then freeze said poop and then invite a particularly uncouth women over to his lodge so he may"defile her rear quarters" (ROUGH ANAL) while beating her buttocks with the large frozen poo. When ejaculation is near, the man pulls out and says "Here's a nickel for the trolley" and inserts poop into the women's anal cavity.
Twas' a bully day when I gave a young floozie a Grover Cleveland after a day at the Polo Grounds!
by PoopyMcGee434 September 20, 2011
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(noun) the name given to one of those relationships that seemingly everyone must go through at least once in their lifetime in which the two parties break up and get back together a countless number of times. During those longer 'broken up' periods, they cannot bring themselves to have feelings for anyone else but can still hook up or "hook up" with others. Also referred to as a person's 'first love relationship.' Generally the relationship when one or both parties loses their virginity but not always.
Immature Girl: don't let me hook up with you because right now we're 'on again' in this Grover Cleveland i've got going back home.
Me: alright, but you shouldn't really be kissing me then, should you? and when you say 'i wanna lie down...butnotwith you' you should stick to your word, you immature girl.
by rorasaur August 15, 2005
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Briefly: Titty-fucking.

But the nuances are so much more. See example.
In full form:

"I can't believe I got a rockin' Grover Cleveland with a flaccid twee."

OR in abbreviated form:

"Grov 'er? I hardly know 'er!"

by Davey C. December 13, 2007
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