The one final absolute last ditch effort to woo/date the girl you liked in the past but didnt really work out with and didnt manage to get over.

A last go is not only successful in the rekindling of the girl's love. A last go that brings closure or finality to your feelings can be very satisfying either way. Last gos are pretty risk free because hey, its a last go, there are no more possible gos. you have nothing to lose.

last gos are marked by extreme actions and a balls-out mentality. The all-odds-against-you situation makes the last go very appealing to any man with a true sense of adventure who has ever been hurt by a girl he loved deeply.
I have been dying to make a last go on Sam, whats she going to do, rebreak my heart? its a last go!

Dude, stop crying about becca, make a last go and move on.

Kelly is not worth a last go dude, she's nothing but trouble

So me and 13 of my friends stood in front of jan's house in white tuxedos to watch michael make his last go. He swooped in, kissed her, and then she slapped him... hey, at least he went out in style.

I think Ill make my last go when pam's pmsing so there's no chance Ill succeed, but when Im old Ill at least be able to say I went for it. win-win
by baby guy March 7, 2008
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You offer to tell a friend a compliment you've heard made about her/him. But first, the friend must tell a compliment made about you. Can also be used for telling secrets.
You: Emily, I have a last go trade for a compliment.

Emily: OK, I have one for you. I heard that you were seen at the mall last week with an awesome hairstyle.

You: Oh thank you! Mark was at Hank's last week and told the bartender that you are the best looking woman to be seen there.
by redshead December 31, 2011
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