When more than 2 people engage in sexual activity, this can include straight, lesbian, and gay groups. Also, abbreviated as "GS"

Alice: Where were you last night?
Tom: At Jay's party.
Alice: You were out pretty late...what did you do there?
Tom: Just a bit of group sex, there were like 20 people there!!!
by JoTheRenthead August 12, 2006
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Sex with 5-6 people
Yall wanna have group sex tonight?
by Spawj February 12, 2021
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Sex in School in Groups
Glow in the dark condom group sex
GS - Group Sex is performed by Karan Gupta and his whores.
by #UallSuck March 18, 2016
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My mom caught me masturbating for the first time. I was in second grade. I was sitting on my bed. curiously touching my penis. My mom walked in the room and saw. She sat down next to me on my bed where I was fapping. With my penis still out, she started to have some sort of parental conversation with me. She was confusing me, with such weird talk about "condoms" or whatever she called it. She smirked softly, then she put her hand on my dick. I was scared and confused. I've only seen these kinda things on television. She then told me "sh, everythings going to be all right. I was pretty nervous. She started to slowly stroke my dick, as I moaned quietly under my breath "mom.." As she increased her speed slightly, my dick started to twitch. I accidentally peed on mom. "Why is my pee white" "this is called cum, sweetheart. It's what happens when you see a very pretty lady, and she touches you here." Mom lays me on my back. "Hush dear, its going to be alright" She takes her pants off. She then removes her panties. "This is a vagina. Its what you put your peepee into." Before i knew it, i was fucking mom. "Oh my gosh, mom, this feels so amazing!" "Oh yeah, right there, cum in my pussy OHH" her hips started to furiously sway against my dick "Ohh mom, im cumming!" "OHHHH"
birb: *shitposts some Group Sex//Inbred Humanity lol*
me: ok you fucking ass of a child
everyone else: ok you fucking ass of a child, u still cute tho uwu
by KyePlays April 6, 2021
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A sex Group is were a bunch of horny people discuss fucking ideas and fuck most probaly
I met Tina in a sex Group and we fuck all the time
by Chillies October 8, 2015
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