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n. A creature that has the mixed heritage of a night owl and a screeching monkey with a bad nose cold.

Uncommonly polite, dedicated to good grammar and proper etiquette, the Groome will often correct people when they say something that doesn't sound right to it, but is often confused when an inordinate number of people do inpolite things at once. In these situations it will snap and utter the word 'Shhhhh!', which in its native language means 'I am a rascist'.

v. causing someone pain acute to wrapping the palm around their testicles (or labia) and squeezing hard while tearing away the skin. This was used as a medieval torture method for many years, but is now just a metaphor, can mean mental pain.

adj. when someone is Groome, they can be described as having either the appearance or behavior of a cross between a screech monkey with a nose cold and a night owl.
n. I was trying to get some sleep in class, but then that Groome told me to sit in the back!

v. Ugh, i bombed that test, that teacher Groomed me alright.

adj. She looks just like a Groome!
by Jelbaz111 June 21, 2010
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