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To 'Slut Shame', or to make someone feel bad for having sex/kissing/going out with a lot of people.
I don't know! Stop Grizzing me!
by Grizz123 April 08, 2011
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Grizzing is the act of asking someone to assist you with, help you with, or keep you company with a task or any other menial thing. However, once they have agreed to participate with you - you slowly, but subtly, back away from the situation or make a 180 degree turn from the original destination. Grizzing is an art, and has to be perfected. The key is begging and pleading for commitment from your friend despite the fact they really do not want to be a part of what you are asking. Then, when they least expect it, change your mind, make things miserable, or do something really fucking random that makes absolutely no god damn sense.

Grizzing can also mean cumming on common household furniture.
I'm pissed that Anthony Grizzed me again.

Yeah I totally grizzed her - I told her we were going to get married.

Dude! Quit grizzing on the couch!!

Actually, can we go to McDonald's?
George, we passed McDonalds an hour ago...quit grizzing me!
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by KeoticRambo July 20, 2018
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