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When someone, or some team, has a golden opportunity to win a game and they make a mistake and blow it.
Tied with one second to go Jeff had a chance to win the game with a pair free throws, but grizzed it when he missed both shots. Then we lost in overtime.
by SmacksterB2S2 July 24, 2011
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Grizzed is when a big,Stinky,hairy often "gay"man (Grizz) stands over you while you sleep and masterbates.
Ha Ha you got "Grizzed"!

Snake pliskin Came over last night...Let just say I got "Grizzed!"

First it molest my buddy and then it "Grizzed" me!...I Want to go home!

Someone "Grizzed" on my dog shit airstrip!
by MK JIM July 24, 2009
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landing an amazing trick-shot with a sniper rifle in call of duty (or any other first person shooter) that exceeds the normal boundaries of your own ability and/or the ability of others
mlg pro: "yo did you see that shot"

smug 13year old kid: "it wasn't that great, your just a scrub"

mlg pro: "are you blind, I just grizzed that kid"
by xSTYCKYx January 26, 2011
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