Greger is a godly beeing and a man of culture.
Greger is also a very humble ladies man.
I pray to Greger before i commit the sin of sex.
by YoYoYo____ November 22, 2020
(Alias Kiwikärnan) Person who loves Volvos, lives in the countryside and drinks alot of redbulls. Also drinks way to much Jägerbombs and get drunk really quickly. Does stupid things when drunk as you can see below.

Also prone to drowning while drunk..
"Hey Greger, you redneck dog, this is no country for a volvo loving scum!"
by Petralover February 28, 2017
Gregers is often a very tall and goodlooking guy. He is good at everything and he is the most humble man you will ever find. If you have a Gregers is your life, you have a good life.
"I just went skiing today"
"Gregers was with me"
"OMG you are so lucky!"
by Druxi March 29, 2016
a man with big pots and good stew. makes the best food in the wold. also a great dancer and lover.
girl: thats a good pot

greger: i know, it contains my secret sause.
by morinsucc May 8, 2018
Greger is a male name deriving from the name Gregorius it is typically used by older swedish men
hey greger i wanna show you something!
by ElGregro April 27, 2020