Greenville is a city located in Greenville County, South Carolina. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 56,002. It is the county seat of Greenville County6.

For its size, Greenville has an atypically large number of activities. The Peace Center in downtown Greenville hosts national broadway shows that usually only come to cities several times larger. There are four independent theatres which put on several theatrical presentations a year.

Greenville is not a "college town" per se, but the students of both Furman University (in Greenville) and nearby Clemson University enjoy Greenville's downtown area for weekend entertainment. The streets of downtown are filled with people every weekend visiting the restauraunts, small shops, and bars.

Not to be confused with Greenville, NC, which is nothing but a college town filled with hicks.
Greenville is located at 34°50'40" North, 82°23'8" West (34.844313, -82.385428)1.
by Johnny Twoguns August 9, 2004
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A City of about 100,000 to 150,000 about 70 miles to the west of the coast of North Carolina. Known mainly for East Carolina University, the anything goes attitude, G-Vegas, Halloween, and being the only point of interest between the OBX and Raleigh. Parties, beautiful women, crime, football, tailgating, lots of restaurants, beer, pirates, ECU college life, traffic, and a lot of growth each year can all be associated with Greenville.
I going down to Greenville for the weekend.
by Key-Low July 11, 2008
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a small town in Northern Delaware home to a bunch of rich people, kind of like Newport Beach, CA only 10 times smaller. The kids get bored and go to Hockessin or happy harry's in their parents' cars unless they are crashing them. The old people live in Stonegates (the retirement community) which covers about 90% of the popuation. The parents are too busy working, throwing elaborate parties, getting divorces, or drinking scotch to look out for their kids' habits and social behavior. Greenville is the only place in the tristate area that doesn't have a Wawa or McDonalds. There's a really boring museum and lots of white people. In fact, the only black person you really see is the manager at Happy Harry's, who likes to hit on his employees. Local activities include bridge night, beer pong and spending large amounts of money on Ebay.
by Blue Eyes February 18, 2005
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This small (but growing) town is pretty much the only sign of civilization between Raleigh and the OBX. Greenville, NC is located about 45 minutes east of I-95 and about an hour west of the OBX. Located in Pitt County (the poorest county in the state) Greenville has 3 different types of people: rednecks, poor black families, and college students. In the heart of G-Vegas is East Carolina University, a large univeristy known more for their parties and beautiful women than their academics. Greenville is about 90% black with the other 10% consisting of students and utter rednecks. There are a few good spots in town, but the majority of it is ghetto. For a good time check out Mesh Cafe or hit up an ECU tailgate prior to a football game. Also make sure to check out the homes of BMX bikers Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist.

By the way, for a small town the traffic is complete hell. When driving on Greenville Blvd. it'll take you a half hour to get from campus to Target (a total of 6 miles away). Also, watch out for insane drivers. People in Greenville will drive under the speed limit, come to a complete stop in order to make a turn, make left turns from the left lane (and not the center turn lane), but they'll speed through parking lots like it's NASCAR.
person 1: so what school do you go to?
person 2: east carolina
person 1: is that a state? i only thought there was north and south carolina.

person 1: what school do you go to?
person 2: ECU
person 1: ohhh you mean EZU (pronounced easy u)

person 1 (from the south): did you gone go to that there brooks and dunn concert over yonder?
person 2 (from the north): *slap*
by yankeeinthesouth May 9, 2005
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Greenville,Both South and North are very conservative RedNeck states.A very closed-minded environment.Extremely Anti-Gay.Totally Homophobic! and if your different,and stand out,Greenville hates it with a passion.They are both dead-boring towns.For example the only time you'll see a Hard-core Punk or Goth is only on Halloween.But if you dress like that on a regular-basis,you know neon-colored hair,eye make-up,spikes,chains,tattoos,piercings,crazy-ass threads and tons of zippers,these posers hate anything that is considered "Freakish" "Weird" "Not Normal"...If you look different Greenville will hurrass you and look at you with attitude.If you are Flamboyantly-Gay,You know, Lip Gloss,Big Jackie-O glasses,Designer threads,Gucci purse and you get nothing but attitudes in every direction from everybody.but if you are just a plain "Butch" Gay guy that acts Hetero,It's OK.But Noooooooo! for Gods Sake,Do not be Openly Flamboyantly-Gay,North and South Carolina Hate that shit.Greenville is very full of Closet-Case Gays.
Greenville,Hick,Closed-minded,Homophobic,Anti-Gay,RedNeck,Conservatives,Bigots,Racist,And Dead-Boring.
by Zasha January 18, 2009
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Greenville ms Aka Da Ville is a small city in the delta where niggas dont play and everybody keep a tool on them
Nigga dont play in Greenville
by Da Delta February 25, 2018
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Greenville is a college town that totally revolves around East Carolina University. You know you're in Greenville once you're surrounded by purple and gold. Home to ECU, 25,000+ people attend this university.
You go in a stranger and come out a Pirate.
by Dan Rosenblum April 18, 2005
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