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'I leave niggas MIA and I ain't talkin where the Heat play at' - F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S.
by Johnny Twoguns August 18, 2004
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South Carolina.

specifically: Greenville, N. Charleston, Colombia, Hilton Head, + Myrtle Beach.

These are the only cities that matter. Sorry to the rest of y'all.
exp: Greenville includes entire G-Ville county.

Reppin' dat 803, 864, and whatever the hell Charleston/Myrtle Beach's area code is.
by Johnny Twoguns August 4, 2004
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phrase NOT coined by Cam'Ron, but by his young protege Juelz Santana.

used after a phrase that sounds ambigously gay or 'homo', so that your friends won't call you a 'homo'

very homophobic.
'no homo but we cockin' em' - Juelz Santana

'yo homie, i just spent five hours talking with my man on the phone, no homo' - random dude
by Johnny Twoguns August 13, 2004
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police officer(s)

primarily used in west

see five-o jake the law
Yo! One up holmes, it's the one-time!
by Johnny Twoguns August 13, 2004
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Greenville is a city located in Greenville County, South Carolina. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 56,002. It is the county seat of Greenville County6.

For its size, Greenville has an atypically large number of activities. The Peace Center in downtown Greenville hosts national broadway shows that usually only come to cities several times larger. There are four independent theatres which put on several theatrical presentations a year.

Greenville is not a "college town" per se, but the students of both Furman University (in Greenville) and nearby Clemson University enjoy Greenville's downtown area for weekend entertainment. The streets of downtown are filled with people every weekend visiting the restauraunts, small shops, and bars.

Not to be confused with Greenville, NC, which is nothing but a college town filled with hicks.
Greenville is located at 34°50'40" North, 82°23'8" West (34.844313, -82.385428)1.
by Johnny Twoguns August 9, 2004
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The length of a black person's cornrows on their neck. If thier braids don't reach AT LEAST their midneck, then they have no 'hang time'. If they've been growing their hair for more than three years and don't have hangtime they need to wear weave or cut thier hair off.
'Yo, that fool been growing his hair for five years and he still ain't got no hangtime. He just needs to cut that shit off.'
by Johnny Twoguns August 3, 2004
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