Beautiful, Gorgeous, and Halarious! She's always up for a good time and never says "NO!" to fun. All the guys want her but can't except it she's special. She has this personality that could light up a room. Guys want her but can't except it! She's a good time! If you don't her you want to. But it takes alot for her to notice you! Step up your game and make sure she sees your because one day she'll be married with kids and you'll be wishing you had said something when you had her attention.
"Dude I want her attention but she never had the time"
"What? Oh Your talking about Mirra duh!"
"Do you think she'll every like me?"
"I don't know but you better get her before she's gone"
"Your right she's Mirra!"
by WHYDOYOUCARE2847 February 9, 2013
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Casey makes fun of Haley's Northern accent saying mirra.
by Casey and Hailz December 26, 2008
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She seems innocent at first but once you get to know them there anything but, she’ll fuck anyone make out with anyone and give head anywhere. They’re crazy and dream of having sex with anyone who’s hot.
Damn bro that’s one dirty Mirra
“She’s crazy dude she gave me head in the gas station
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