That crooked tooth that makes that cute guy or girl even cuter, adding character and charisma. Also the crooked tooth that makes the person you dislike even more horrible in appearance, making you cringe or shrink away.
(Sigh) Tom's snaggletooth may seem like an imperfection to others, but to me it's irresistible.
by Xristobel November 10, 2018
Noticeably nasty and or crooked-ass teeth.
DAMN! That girl got some snaggletooth!
by Dentist April 4, 2003
Rank teeth that look like lawn mower blades.
Matt has a snaggletooth and I can't believe that Dana can kiss him without puking.
by Snaggletooth haters December 4, 2005
a person with a protruding, sharp, or crooked tooth. Usually found in the wilderness feasting on household pets.
Shit man, that twin is a fuckin' snaggletooth. I saw her eat a cat and nothing was left but bones. Fur and blood was flying like no other!
by BadDewd April 4, 2003
crooked, long or otherwise disgusting tooth/teeth.
kirsten dunst has a snaggletooth.
by kelllltltltlt October 19, 2006
A person with teeth that are crooked, protruding, overlapping, or teeth that are in need of some serious orthodontic work.
Who is the worst snaggletooth of the anon world? Brownhrdontcare of course!
by DrCannabliss xoxo January 6, 2013
The mythical girlfriend of Bon Jovi who comes into your room at night to suck your blood. Need to kick that bitch out a window not caring if it breaks. One ugly ass girl.
The snaggletooth almost got me lat night im glad i pushed the couch against the door.
by JBJ+snaggle April 14, 2011