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A green penis (typical symptom of gonorrhea).
Girl 1: I almost let this dude bang me but than I saw he has a greenis!
Girl 2: Hello? That's like totally disgusting!

Doctor: Okay, now please remove your pants so I can OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU HAVE A DAMN GREENIS!!!
Patient: What??? What does that mean???
Doctor: It means that you like hookers!
Patient: Wha... ???
Doctor: It means you can't beat the axis!
Patient: What the hell are you trying to tell me, doctor???
Doctor: You, sir, have gonorrhea!
by F4LL0UT July 24, 2010
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1. An imaginary unit of vegetable, approximately equal to one "greenie," a type of dog treat. However, it can be used in almost any way imaginable (think hoss)
1. Go crunch on a greenis!
2. Holy fuck, look at that huge greenis!
3. I bet you a greenis Dumbledore will die in the sixth book!
by Pippinzzz January 13, 2006
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I made this up

I = 1st Number of the Roman numerals

also Green Eye stands for something els. Look it up
by Greeni October 06, 2012
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A person with the last name green whos penis happens to be very small
man, you are a greenis
by Murt and Mike Zee November 07, 2004
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