A person who is an environmentalist.
One who respects nature.
A conservationalist.
Dude, look. he's digging in the trash..

No he's just pulling out aluminum cans, he's such a greenhead.
by Greenhead Eddie February 2, 2009
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The worst pest on the face of the Earth. Looks like a horsefly, buzzes like a bee, bites like a f***ing shark. Local mostly to marshes and swampy areas on the East Coast, it's a rather bland looking little bugger that bites you, spills your blood, then mashes its head into the open wound and spreads its (nonfatal-but-painful) poison all over it. The wound hurts like hell and bleeds a lot.

And there are a lot of them.
Tourist: "Look, a mosquito!"
Local: "Pffft..."
Tourist: "Look, a wasp!"
Local: "Pfft."
Tourist: "Is that a horsefly?"
by CapeLocal July 17, 2013
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"head" or blowjob given by a girl that
1: never given it before.or
2: given it before but lacks experience.
3: blow job in the duckblind.
That slam-piece i brought home from the bar gave me some Greenhead. But shes a quick learner.
by Instagator July 25, 2014
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1. A slang term for a greedy person or someone obsessed with money, particularly those involved in business and entrepreneurship who are thought of as greedy and lacking morals. They are called this because they always have money on their minds.

2. Also a term for an environmentalist or nature lover, they are also called Tree Huggers
1. The Greenhead on the news argued against Health Care reform on the basis of profit loss, even though Health Care profits are extremely high, so many people and their kids are without coverage and many diagnosed with pre-existing conditions can't get coverage and suffer severe illness or even death.

2. The Greenhead didn't want the beautfiful trees cut down for a stupid bar built a few blocks away from another bar
by Spikehog40 August 1, 2011
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slang term for a mallard drake
guy 1: how'd you guys do today
guy 2: we shot two limits of greenheads
guy 1: holy shit you guys whacked 'em and stacked 'em
by Redneck1989 February 23, 2008
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A college in greenhead, yorkshire, spain, that is run by the the legendary principal Garry Lett. Everyone who goes here gets A*s or gets expelled 1 day before results day. The site is built around the historic "Nut wall" and the parrallel "Depression wall". This school is only accessable via hovercraft or drone so the public transport is quite expensive. It is also the oldest school in europe according to the UN and The complete dinosaur encyclopedia.
"I go to greenhead College"

"Congrats nerd"
by SmolMik October 1, 2021
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Synonym for pothead, but more extreme. Used for people that are on the precipice of greening out.
Person 1: You're a greenhead, dude. You smoke weed like every damn day.
Person 2: That's just the way of the green, man.
by kaidrilled December 6, 2022
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