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1. A card that allows a foreigner to legally reside the United States of America.

2. A card that allows people in the state of California to smoke Medical Marijuana.
1.I got my green card.спасиба!

2.I got my green card. спациба! *cough.
by åstroboy_lambda January 11, 2009
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Given to other half on high days/holidays/special occasions. No holds barred special sex session. No is not acceptable.

Access ALL areas
"You've got a green card tonight"

"Lets go home"


by I.M Kinky July 14, 2010
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Something that Mexicans try really hard to get or steal.
Julio: ANTONIO!! I finally got a green card!! Now I can legally cross the border!!

Antonio: There's one bad thing...

Julio: What?

Antonio: A cop was standing right next to me, and we already crossed the border.

Julio: OH SHIT!!
by WE DA MAN June 14, 2012
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To have a pass to spend time with ones mates away from ones partner often for the whole weekend as they are either away or busy!
Minter had a green card for the weekend to watch football and get crazy drunk with his mates because Rosie was away in france!
by mintdog September 23, 2011
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In states where it's legal, green cards enable you to get medical marijuana.
"Hey, man, just got my green card, let's get some pot!"
by XeroCint October 31, 2009
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La mica. Gives legal permission to work and live in the US.
If you don't have a green card, you have to watch out at Border Patrol checkpoints.
by David G. Epstein August 9, 2004
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Small peice of card found behind the last paper in packets of Rizzla brand rolling papers.
Perfect for use as roach while smoking cigarets or canabis because of its prime thickness and posability.

A good indication of inexperienced smokers is when green card remains after the cardboard flap protecting the papers has perrished at the hands of said novice.
Jim: Skin up, Bill.
Bill: materials?
Jim: Kings, Baccy, Grinder, Tweed.
Bill: There's no front to these Rizzla, Train ticket? Flyer?..... Knights of Columbus!! JIM, YOU ABSOLUTE NOVICE!! Theres still green card here, Bonus.
by Bjorn Axel May 19, 2008
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