Scottish; When you feel embarrassed or ashamed.
Can't believe I fell off the bus, what a total minter!
by Shanicefghijk June 26, 2010
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An absolute beaut or a pleasant site usually describes a woman
by David beardsworth August 29, 2019
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Something that is in very good condition or of good quality
You should have bought that car I saw the other day, it was a minter!
by Slyer January 10, 2009
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Something, usually an action, which causes embarrassment for all who witness it
Dave: “Did you see Lucy dancing on the table last night?”

Luke:”Yeah, what an utter minter
by Rupture Godzilla vag November 27, 2021
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the same meaning as mint, only said with an emphasis on the 'ers' part of the word so you end up saying 'mintuurrrss'. It should sound like you have a very fake Yorkhire/North England accent.
'i got a few new sheep on the farm'
'ahhh minters'
by Ginge-o August 10, 2007
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First person:What operating system do you use?
Second person: Linux Mint
First person: Nice you're a minter!
by willxtreme December 28, 2009
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A girl who iz really mint, minter than fit
Phooar look at her, what a minter

Can also say minta
by Urban Dictionary UK December 29, 2005
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