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A beautiful, talented, smart, sensitive girl. Grecia is a very special person. She can make you fall deeply in love with her. You will feel like you need her every moment of your life, but she won't need you. Grecia is very sensitive, and very caring. She'll cry if a random dog was to get hit by a car. Grecia also gives the perfect love, but don't think you can play with her heart. She will make you regret living if you play with her heart. To keep Grecia always feed her. She is in love with food. Grecia can be very independent, she doesn't need a man/girl to keep her happy. She gives the perfect love. Everyone wants to be with her, so if you get her treat her right or it's on to the next.
You need Grecia.

Where can I find one.

It's only one, she's very rare.
by Grecia Cruz April 22, 2017
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A very beautiful girl, has an amazing body and is very talented at many stuff. She doesn't give a fuck of what anybody thinks of her because she knows that she is beautiful and that many guys wish to have. Is funny most of the time, you will never see her cry and if you do is very rare, Also she is very short and loves tall guys! She is a very good singlet as well! So if you are to get this girls attention you are one lucky fucker!
Believe me grecia will make you happy if you ever go out with her
by Unknown_alien November 20, 2013
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Shes a GOURGEOUS girll shes usually hispanic (of course) but people think shes mixed because of her skin color but she has a greattt body she has a big butt and boobs but her butt is the biggest thing in her body he face is gourgeous she loves to party and shes a chill person to chill around with and shes extremely hilariouss!! Most people are jelouse of her boys cant get her girls cant be her i dont see ehy not be be jelouse .
Aye , you know Grecia

yess she has a big ass i wish she was mines .
by Ryannn! December 16, 2014
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A very Beutiful girl (usually Mexican)but the sexy kind she's usually little tall but she loves tall guys she has an amazing body, she's very attractive to many boys and girls, she doesn't need short skirts or short shorts or even a tight dress to make people fall in love with her even tho she has an amazing body all she needs is her nice and kind,feelings and beautiful smile, it's very hard to find one so if you do, you might just be one of the luckiest persones in the be nice to her
Fabian: Hey did you see Grecia

Alex: yeah you like her

Fabian: Yeah maybe,why
Alex: wait I thought Manuel liked her

Fabian: He does.,but I thought Jose liked her?
Alex: He does too.
Fabian: Well I mean like who wouldn't?
by Rosaries July 14, 2019
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She’s awesome. She try’s to be rough but once you get to know her she’s nice and caring. She’s a very sarcastic person and can be rude at times. She will make you fall in love with her. She’s energetic and always has a smile on. She’s emotional. She has mood swings but she is very lovable. She’s a cool person to hang out with and will risk everything to have fun. She likes to party a lot. She’s smart and a great athlete. She’s very artistic and has a great sense of humor. She has a dark humor that not many like but she has great vibes so they don’t mind. She’s very independent. If Grecia likes you you are very lucky. She’s a friendly and sociable person but is also jealous. She gets along with everyone. She doesn’t care for herself. She’s very caring for others. She’s very cheerful. She will do anything for a good laugh. She’s ver flirtatious and a player sometimes. She’s talented and makes a great business person. She’s sensitive but will punch you if you play with her. She’s great at comebacks. She’s perf.
Alexander: Tou know grecia?
Justin: Yeah she’s awesome!
by Isssssaiah7 July 14, 2018
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Grecia’s are very charming and sympathetic, she makes boys fall for her easily. She can be moody and impulsive but is very caring for others and will put others before herself. Grecia’s are cool and down to do anything just for the memories. Grecia’s are cold and indecisive as fuck but they are humble and loving once you get to know them. She’s the best listener but when it comes to them they tend to keep in a lot of feelings. They have hippie vibes and like peace not war. Grecia’s are also very flirty and seductive so be careful.
Grecia is cool.
by thejen172 August 23, 2019
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