Any movie that is better then Notting Hill.
Hellraiser is Great.
by Zdravkovich January 8, 2008
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sarcastically commenting on something that is lame.
TAS1: "Check it out man; this is my new sign for cool (making a weird hand signal)"
TAS2: "Uhhh... that's great!"
by Will L June 9, 2005
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something that is better than good synonym Amazing?
That movie was great!
by ihatefay. November 6, 2010
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scotish girl ; ' Talking about a subject I find it a great one, so many voices and different opinions about somthing great to deal with."

Herculus is great as his big strong muscles rip around the arena.
by courtneyseesstarsagain March 17, 2010
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Something that's not great hatred and wanting to complete destroy someone something completely del it out you life.
Yes it's been great knowing you mf
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 6, 2019
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Greatly greeted; Such as if you were greeted in such a way that made you flabbergasted.

A greeting that could only be described as a great greeting.
I was greated in bed by hot actress.
by Phreeto November 2, 2009
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Greatful= Full of Great LOVE, THOUGHT, PRAYER
No, I mean this will be a greatful festival for Patty
by katybra September 8, 2010
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