Although Jose is very dyslexic, he is still greatful
by Dyslexic Reet October 16, 2019
3. I
4.Me, Myself, and I
Wow that person that wrote this definition is pretty great!
by Artsyel11 July 18, 2021
something that is better than good synonym Amazing?
That movie was great!
by ihatefay. November 6, 2010
scotish girl ; ' Talking about a subject I find it a great one, so many voices and different opinions about somthing great to deal with."

Herculus is great as his big strong muscles rip around the arena.
by courtneyseesstarsagain March 17, 2010
very cool, Sexy guy the best guy in the world he can always cheer you up when your sad and always smiles. A name no one else has which makes it special he always knows how to have fun
Aeshep is Great
by Kujichakalia November 27, 2013
Something that's not great hatred and wanting to complete destroy someone something completely del it out you life.
Yes it's been great knowing you mf
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 6, 2019
Greatly greeted; Such as if you were greeted in such a way that made you flabbergasted.

A greeting that could only be described as a great greeting.
I was greated in bed by hot actress.
by Phreeto November 2, 2009