good exagerated
wow, that was great!
by not Luke Oliver Baker February 17, 2003
1. (adjective) describes something better than good

2. (adjective) when used with sarcasm, describes something that sucks.

3. (noun) an accuracy value assigned in Konami's music simulation game Dance Dance Revolution. Better than "Good", not as good as "Perfect".

4. (verb) the act of getting greats, whether deliberately or not.
1. "Sure, pizza sounds great!"

2. "Oh look, I got parking ticket! Great. I'm glad to see cops are keeping the peace around here!"

3. "Whoa, you FC'ed Trip Machine Survivor? How many Greats?"

4. "I greated the shite out of Murmur Twins on Supernova! Something's wrong with that song."
by second tuesday October 20, 2006
greatness the act of being great
"Wow man thats like total greatness!"
by kelli michelle March 2, 2005
A word that if, you spend enough time, will fine about 1000 synonyms for.
What does great mean? Maybe we shouldn't go there...
by jimbobjoeshmoecheese January 24, 2004
1) a sarcastic word people might use if something goes wrong
2) a word someone might use as a way to congradulate people.
3) a rating
1) oh that's great. the mall just closed and we're half way there. it's a 2 hour drive.
2) well that's great! good job!
3) 3 stars = great!
by StoppedEmu67 November 8, 2019