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To ejaculate onto ones hair, then, swirl it thus creating the John Travolta hair style, then when they look at you, say. " Electrifying!"
Last night while watching From Paris With Love, with my gf, we decided to have sex, then I missed her face and hit her hair, she was unhappy and twirled it by accident, and I laughed and said. "You look like John Travolta, Electrifying!"
haha, she was not happy. Thank you Grease Lightning.
by TreySongzz April 13, 2011
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Performing oral sex on a woman until she can no longer emotionally regulate reality ever again.
Johnny grease lightningged Mary Lou and she can no longer drive a car anymore
by Homelessrachel December 20, 2017
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Similar to a phantom turd. Where the piece of poop disappears into the U-bend of the toilet and leaves no residue on the toilet paper. But with a Grease Lightning, the only way you know you just pooped was because you ate spicy food and the poop burned your butthole.

It sometimes makes you break into song and dance about the car of the same name from "Grease"
Jake: "I swear I just pooped but it's nowhere to be seen. It burned my butthole from all that spicy food. It must've been the Grease Lightning"
by Bryan St. Bryan May 18, 2009
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When a group of guys are hanging out watching grease, one guy volunteers, and the rest of the guys ejaculate into his hair. The volunteer then slicks his hair back in the traditional 50's fashion.
Hey i haven't seen grease in a long time, anyone up for a Grease Lightning?
by Matsik January 07, 2011
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