When the tone of your fart goes from high to low to high
Man: *farts*
Other man: ah good fart but not a "u-bend"
by Tidy boy November 13, 2016
A turd that is submerged in the U-bend of the toilet like the german submarines (U-boats) used to hide beneath the surface of the sea. 9 out of 10 U-bend U-boats are unflushable in the average toilet.
For fucks sake, that U-bend U-boat just won't flush! Pass me the bog brush Dave, it turd bustin' time!
by MSN NINJA April 19, 2009
Arranging oneself in such a position that when one sticks one's nose up the arse of a partner, and the partner farts powerfully, the gas enters the nose of the first party and leaves the mouth - thus tickling the balls of the farter.
Hmm that were a reet powerful Cheltenham U-Bend there our Kes.
by GanglesWillSwarm2 March 18, 2009
A turd, that once dispatched has enough velocity to circumvent the U-Bend at the base of the toilet.
I knew I was shitting bricks, I looked between my legs on the throne and found I laid a U-bend acrobat!
by rc55 November 1, 2003