Grayson is man with true passion and love for Red-bull... but will one day be over whelmed with love. He will then partake in very sexual activities including pushing it up his ass, and will be ashamed of what he has done and will never drink a red-bull again.
Grayson and red-bull sitting in a tree
by redbullcan October 21, 2019
They mostly care about everyone else's well being.They are caring and kind at heart.They will take a bullet for anyone.They are really SEXY and HOT.
When you find one you don't won't to lose them.They are very honest but watch what they say.They are one of a kind and have an amazing Laugh and personality.
Man I love Grayson
by Rebecca paige January 10, 2017
A rare boy, with the ability to love with all his heart. He is sensitive and precious, and he would do anything for the people he loves even if that means it’ll hurt him. He is caring, loving, and is in tune with how others are feeling. His eyes are green but not the kind of shade that is easy to describe. It’s almost like it changes colour. They’re green with a hint of brown creeping in from the edges as if they were trying to take over. His laugh is the most contagious sound you’d ever hear, and his smile... is just perfect.

He’d be the type of boyfriend that’ll lay in bed with you and listen to your problems all night, giving you the best advice anyone possibly ever could. He’d like to make his girlfriend feel special, and warm inside.
Grayson is precious
by dolansgirllx January 24, 2018
Grayson respects the hell out of women bro
by Davoin smiff January 10, 2017
Grayson is the biggest doofball. He has a massive schlong and knows how to treat a girl right. He's sassy and sensitive and some may think he's gay for his best friend Tommy (see other definition).
Mary: Wow that guy has a huge dick!

Carol: Yep, that's Grayson.
by Big bootang March 1, 2013
Graysons are cute and will never be sneaky. They wear dark jackets most of the time and their smile will make you smile too. Most of them have tons of freckles, and are tall. If you can get them to hug you, you won't regret it. They can be shy at first if you date a Grayson, but they can be really loving and will listen to your problem. Grayson can have brown hair that can make you love even more. So if you find a Grayson don't ever let him go.
I should know I'm dating a Grayson
by MEEEEEEEEE333EEE February 9, 2019
Usually someone very sweet who likes hugs. He has a great smile and is helpful, caring, friendly and you can trust with anything. If you ever find a Grayson, never, EVER, let go of him. If you ever have him as a boyfriend, he’s one of the people who will cuddle you as he listens to your problems.
“Grayson is so sweet! He brought me flowers yesterday.”
by dolancrazy May 5, 2018