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A manga about an lovable singer; Shuichi Shindou, and an angsty novelist; Yuki Eiri.
Shuichi struggles through the sudden popularity of his band, and his rocky relationship with Yuki Eiri. As the author struggles with his new found love for the vocalist and his dark past.
In the end they both rely on the gravitation of love to pull them together.
An all around great manga, it's funny, it's cute, it's angsty.

It's Gravitation.
by Renu August 14, 2006
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The act of loving someone for who they are and as a "person", rather than going by gender or age. Not to be confused with the act of being gay, a lesbian, bisexual, or a pedophile. For example, a male person who is in gravitation would be in love with another particular male, but would not necessarily be attracted to males generally. This act is sometimes defined as "a straight person in love with another person who just happens to be the same gender" or "people who are attracted to other people with no restrictions on image, age, gender, or external features, and instead personality."
"Though Henry was attracted to women, he found himself falling for his good friend Charlie."

"It was gravitation: I fell in love with a person who just happened to be the same gender as I."

"Melissa was romantically attracted to Nicole because of her personality, but was not attracted to other women."

"I'm not gay, but I've been in gravitation before."

"Jason didn't consider himself bi because it wasn't a person's gender that interested him, it was their personality."

"You can fall in love with a man, but not be attracted to any other men."

"Though he was never attracted to young women, he fell in love a girl half his age because of her wit and sense of humor."
by MarlyMarlyMarly January 15, 2006
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A manga about an unsettled novelist, Yuki Eiri, wanting to be left alone but ends up meeting a newfound singer that stalks him while wearing a puppy suit named Shuichi.

Shuichi competes against a much better and sexier singer names Ryuichi that basically whoops his booty in singing. But Shuichi starts to let loose his own bottled up talent while being stressed with his relationship with Yuki.

There is even a highly developed attack called the KUMAGORO BEAM Ryuichi uses to protect himself from Tatsuha, Yuki's almost twin-like and perverse brother
My favorite yaoi manga is Gravitation!
by Pristine December 17, 2004
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