A standoffish typed person with bad anxiety, they see the world in all dark shades, but if you find a Shuichi kinnie, keep them close because they’ll be there for the rest of your life, once they break out of their cold shell, you’ll see how great they are! They try their best to make you happy, they’re great at solving problems especially mysterious! They do try their best to be a good friend so if they don’t do the right actions or give the correct responses guide them, they might just need a push in the right direction, also make sure your Shuichi gets lots of love, they tend to be clingy and need a lot of love for their lonely soul, make sure you look after your shuichi’s!!
Shuichi is a loving person and a great friend
by Shuichi Saihara kinnies October 17, 2020
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Shuichi is a dark haired emo boy who cant ever figure out who to save but he also is a sexy motercycle😏
And other wise shuichi is a body pillow and or a plush to not feel lonley this product is most used by kokichi.
by Ima_simp4236 December 1, 2020
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Oh I see you’re an Danganronpa fan~ Alright- Shuichi is a shoe that is very itchy.
by ~Danganronpa person~ November 12, 2020
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The best boi of NDRV3. Timid chick + Smart chick = Perfection

A guy with no friends : *Does all math homework right*
Popular guy : Oh god you are a Shuichi !
The guy with no friends : I know..
by Danganronpa Fan September 6, 2021
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"whats wrong with the way i dress?"- Shuichi Saihara "some people might say that all black clothing kinda makes you look like an evil villian. not me though, i think you look like a sexy motorcycle vroom vroom."- kokichi omua.
by allie komaeda July 15, 2020
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