Spanish person's way of trying to pronounce 'crazy'
'dat movie was grassy meng'
-'what did it have to do with grass?
by whatyouknowaboutme October 05, 2011
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Bullshit. shit turns to fertizler and the fertilizer grows the grass. There for a busta talking that shit is Grassy.
Them boys talking all grassy, they about to get they head bust.
by C. Wat August 31, 2004
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A nickname for the name gracie that her cousins started calling her now all her damn friends call her
Cousin:cmon grassy
Friends:omg we should so call u that now
by Grassyyy July 10, 2019
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Taking your hectic Front wheel drive car or your hectic KE70 or even your mate bob's hectic Lowlux down to any wet grass patch doing phat dowies and figure 8's. shortly after finding yourself at your local car wash.
"I'm so bored man!"
*engine revving*

"say no more"
by Weldy May 13, 2019
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