When you're on the spot and you're looking to say some concrete shit but you have nothing to say.
Donald Rumsfeld explained to the committee where the WMD's were, but he was clearly grasping at straws.
by Shigity Bap May 15, 2005
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Making wild and often times unbelievable assumptions or using far fetched ideas and possibilities to reach the desired conclusion.
The police were trying to make a conviction, but they were just grasping at straws.
by Gramarye June 16, 2008
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to have false ideas or beliefs about something.
Larry thought Sue loved him, but he was just grasping at straws when he went after her.
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(v.) giving someone the ol' reach around; pulling at pubic hair during intercourse
He especially liked grasping at straws.
by chitty-chitty-bang-bang October 10, 2005
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Grasping at Straws; a term used to describe a female/male trying to give synchronized handjobs to small dicked men
That chick was a wild one at the party
"She was with Townsend boys at the party. Grasping at straws on the couch in front of the whole party"
by Tony Fn Tone January 10, 2016
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When a girls judgment is compromised and she is acting more promiscuous than usual. Often triggered by weddings, bachelorette parties or being on the rebound.
Cindy was really grasping at dick straws at your wedding. I think she tried to sleep with brad.
by ozzysms November 4, 2014
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