Ok, ok... This is Grant we're talking about here. He can be really awkward sometimes and be kind of weird but he has his kind side. He's quiet around people he doesn't know well but if he's around friends he'll want to talk and he'll open up more. Grant is funny and sweet most of the time. He can be kinda stubborn or just be plain stupid at times but he's a great friend to have around
Person 1: LOOK, IT'S A GRANT
Person 2: Ok...?
Grant: Yep, it's me...
by DJCandyCane December 11, 2018
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The type of guy who’s quiet and shy but outgoing when you get to know him. Also probably huffs paint.
person 1: hey did you know Grant might huff paint
by Manmanrancan September 19, 2019
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Grant is normally short, and nobody really likes him except his close friends. Whenever he gets his heart broken he tries to make himself feel better by trying to talk to other girls that won't like him. If you get to know Grant he is chill, sometimes. You either love him or hate him. They normally don't have many friends but when they do they are close friends. They think they're good at sports when they're not. They think girls like them but girls only talk bad about them. Overall they think they're hot shit even tho they are kinda sped.
'This kid is so fucking annoying, his name must be Grant"
by JeromeClide May 17, 2020
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Grant is the hottest guy of all time. He is sweet and caring and very outgoing. He has a great sense of humor and brightens everyone’s day. He has a ton of friends and he is super athletic. He is also super smart and ALL THE GIRLS have a HUGE crush on him. He has the best hair and the best smile. He doesn’t care what others think of him and he doesn’t let the haters bring him down. He will just dab on them.
I wish I could date grant. He is so cute.
by The Truth132 January 08, 2018
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One who is particularly good-looking and talented, more talented than a Duncan, but not as good-looking. There is a special word for girls who do not like a Grant (see Lesbian).
X Games Dude: Here we have Grant pulling off the first 1080 on a skateboard.
by Alias of Muchacho October 10, 2011
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a very annoying shit head that loves pain and dragon ball z
grant is such a bitch
by starlord2018 October 24, 2017
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Grant means very nice to other girls when not with his friends, he wil try to show off and only make a fool of himself, he thinks it is cool to doss at school but will make it very far and be a very wealthy man , he is very stubborn and also very sensitive, he is very good in bed and has got a very nice penis, When Grants like girls/boys he or she doesnt tell them but always asks about who they like , although Grants are not very good looking
Omg i had sex with grant last night .. amazing

Grants being a total dickhead , probably because he is with his mates
by Wikipedofile July 30, 2009
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