the most amazing guy ever. silly. can put a smile on your face when you want to cry. has beautiful eyes and a huge heart. is cute and loves to smile stupidly.
Kelsie: "is he Grant?"
Jeri: "he must be, he's smiling alot"
by his_baby June 16, 2010
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A sexy man attracts all the girls and has them loving him right away with his looks and great sense of humor and he is always quick with a thats what she said joke
Who needs Justin Bieber when we have Grant!
by I <3 Kennedy! January 10, 2011
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An amazing, kind, compassionate, guy, who is a good person to rant to about your problems. He is the kind of person you can come to for almost anything, and he'll be there to listen and give you advice.
Wow! That must be a Grant, look how nice he is being.
via giphy
by UB101 January 10, 2017
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A guy who can be shy at times, but is mostly loud, outgoing, a "challenge accepted" kind of person. Grants have beautiful blue eyes, adorable messy hair, and always make the weirdest jokes. They are secretly intelligent, but never want to tell or show anyone that side of them. Grants typically have a hard time opening up to people, but once you get to know him good enough, he'll share a lot with you. Once you find a Grant, make sure you keep him.

Some additional information you may need to know: he can and will get on your nerves. He does not like to apologize or admit defeat. He can be a total douche, or he can be a great friend. Be warned, it's hard to let him go.
Person 1: who's that over there?
Person 2: that's Grant
Person 1: I figured. He's so outgoing and cute
by T.b.h. February 04, 2019
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An amazing, sexy, out of this world and very handsome man!
A man who will rule your heart and soul.. and become
your home!
A fantastic personality, will light up your world!
Takes no crap.. but seems to make exceptions
for the lady in his life!
Amazing lover.. will always knock your socks off!
A very rare treasure!
Tends to have cupcake ways!
Ah im having a great day.. must be a "Grant" day!
by Channelle's Grant February 05, 2010
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Grant is a great guy. He’s super funny and very talented. He’s one of the most adorable people you will ever meet. He’s got brown hair and beautiful brown eyes to match. Grant is a very caring person who helps and cares for everyone but especially his girl. If you are grants girl you better never let him go because he will treat you like royalty and make sure you are happy everyday. Grants are sweet and have very big hearts. If you know a grant you are a very lucky person
Friend one: do you know grant?

Friend two: yes

Friend one: you are very lucky
by Ramona123 June 11, 2019
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Grant is a dude that wears swimming goggles everywhere

idk why
hes got goggles on, it's a Grant
by Underscoregamer January 30, 2020
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