The most popular drink in the twenty-first century. Made of a mix of the finest artesian water, along with sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium chlorate, sodium hydroxide and sodium polyacrylate. Surpasses the Corona beer with a Lyme disease chaser, and even the bubbly taste of Tide Pods. The drink is alcohol-free and therefore able to be legally consumed by all ages. The cleansing properties of Clorox are said to remove 99.9% of germs, make you lose weight, and bring your heart rate down sharply.
Quinn: "What's going down the hatch tonight, Ethan?"

Ethan: "Bottle o' Corona and a Clorox chaser!"
by Drummer_Boi May 04, 2020
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A great drink to consume when see something cringe worthy
Dude 1# have you seen the Swaetshirt music video?

Dude 2# yea I drank all of the Clorox from Walmart after seeing it
by Leafyisjaredfromsubway July 18, 2016
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Used to describe how sure you are, but not always.
"I'm clorox sure that I'm going."
"I'm clorox sure this toast is AWESOME!"
by Danyka October 30, 2006
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A very determined person who usually lies a lot to his friends & followers, this individual is perfect to have near you when you need emotional support for an action in which you are the offender and not the victim.
this person specializes in white lies and lies in general, it also manages to bleach away truths with an unprecedented effort.
1. my son is such a clorox, he always lies to me, 2. my wife's a big fat clorox sometimes...

Boy1 damn one of my classmates is a real clorox, it's just in his nature!
Boy2 he literally lied to the teacher about his homework yet he got away with it...

TV Ad: "All new Clorox Energy Drink, bleach away all the truths with one single sip!"
by ThomasAAnderson January 20, 2019
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something people drink or wash clothes with
Person A: "Fuck off, leafy is cancer"
Clorox Bleach: "Drink Me"
by 대한민국 August 16, 2016
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A place where the new segregation is practiced covertly, and with a touch of class. Done with developers creating gated communities, zoning laws and building restrictions. City councils and police taking a real aggresive attitude on DWB (driving while black) etc.

These actions tend to "whiten up" the place
Buffy the bleached blonde cheerleader lived in a clorox community. Her boyfriend Jason's father was a mortgage banker. Her house was a 4,500 square foot, white colonial. She drove a new Red Jeep Wrangler to school.
by Johnny Roket April 21, 2006
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white male attending a small liberal arts college in Oxford, Georgia with an overgrown shag.
Fielding is such a Clorox Wipe.
by CLUB212 September 07, 2009
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