So much Grama right now in my life. They just broke up and he wont stop crying to me about it.
by JessJess43 July 3, 2010
A mix of gossip and drama
Mike: Dude you stole my girlfriend
Dave: No she doesnt like you anymore bitch

(Next Day)
Noreen: Did you hear about mike and daves fight last night???
Patty: Yeah haha mikes girl cheated on him with dave and they fought, thats so ridiculous!!
Sam: You two are so full of GRAMA
by Mattybas December 22, 2007
A mix between a giraffe and a llama.
"Dude, look at his neck and buck teeth!"
"Yeah, he looks like a grama!"
by 3CE June 7, 2009
The best ever jobs which are created by AP Tuglak where the employees do not need to do anything literally
The best hike ever that has been raised to 5000 to 8000 in 2/3 months
The very best thing is they haven't received any salaries till date (by the time when your reading this)
The best grama volunteer award goes to Deepika the black sheep who acts as a grama volunteer
by Dictionary word art December 26, 2019
Your gramas little red friend
''mommy why does grama have a red pickle in her dresser?''
by TFR Emo Panda August 4, 2010