A hot, awesome girl who's always loved by most people. She's known for her great sense of fashion and outstanding grades and always has a string of guys running behind her. Most Deepikas' are Indian and hold great potential inside. Deepikas' are known for breaking the hearts of many guys (who tend to fall for her).
Guy 1: Crap, that girl looks so H-O-T!
Guy 2: That's a Deepika for you! Go ask her out.......
by GayGayGayGayGay April 17, 2013
Deepika is a girl who is the best friend u will ever have but don't mess with her.depika has a hard time with things in her life but she still puts a smile on her face.if she says she loves u than she means forever and she will never stop loving u. She has perfect personality. She's kind. She cool. She's helpful. She care a lot about people in her life. shes nice. And she's cuteee. Be glad to have a Depika in ur life
Omg have u head bout Deepika!!! She Has such a good personality. I want her to be

my friend :)))
by November 23, 2021
Deepikas are sensitive, caring, trustworthy, thoughtfully beautiful girls who sometimes resist to make perceptions about their own instincts but their insights are truly admirable. They take things personally because they endure honesty.
Deepikas are.....
by deepikajain November 28, 2021
A traitor, someone who has given up on the thing they are really good at.
Your best friend just stole your boyfriend, what a Deepika! or Your friend decided to change majors and ditch you and the "Team" for another major..what a Deepika!
by CalamityJane December 11, 2006
A hot, awesome girl with a beautiful body and mind. One of those girls who guys only dream about but never hope to find in reality.
Damn, look at the hot ass on that Deepika!
by Diddy December 15, 2004
Name of a girl which mean like a lamp
A girl who has a personality like a lamp,Who can bring light to anyone's life
by Anjaan April 7, 2005
A girl who is harrasment by girls more than boys she is tired of girls chasing her and want to get rid from girls.
She is so deepika
by Hgfjffkk April 1, 2022