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Pronounced :
(The R is rolled)

Slang word meaning gross , ugly , unpleasant , bad , lame ... =

Originating from the Afrikaans , in South Africa.
"Dude , it looked so grak"

"Her eyelashes had so much mascara clumping on , it's so grak. "
by July 12, 2017
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A South African slang term used to describe someone who is β€œratchet” or β€œghetto”.
My bru that girl is wearing fake All Stars, she is grak ekse!
by grakstar July 17, 2018
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GraK is a nickname for Grace and mostly used by older siblings and friends who think they are funny. Although grak also means ugly and and lame, the person that you call GraK is the awesomest person ever and never fails to make you laugh.
β€œOMG, we should call her GraK!”
β€œDefinitely! She’s THE BEST!”
by GraK the Great! June 11, 2019
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The name of a queen, usually a female. In ancient times cities would kneel for hours for their Grak. Very positive and empowering term. Highly respected.
Although she is no Grak, she is the prettiest girl in the land. I would be lucky to be as outstanding as her.
by yourkhaleesi September 14, 2017
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A vagina cage; So a penis can't get in
According to Gavin Free, a grak is not a chastity belt; instead of encircling the whole genital area, a grak only cages the vagina.
by Zombob July 28, 2016
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Normally known as ugly or gross but Is used as to name someone you like or chysing
Yoh brah that meisie is my grak
by Spanner coetzee June 05, 2019
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