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Similar to ratchet. There are a few variations of the definition.

Being of bare sustenance/degraded status.
Minimal comfort level.
Food stamps.
Having little to no swag.

Being that dough = money, grain therefore is less than money, as it is less than dough. Taking this concept, grain thus becomes a term describing all that is lame and uncool.

Also derived from low quality cinema showing a picture quality described as "grainy"
"I gotta make some dough so I can get off the grain"

"You a grainy looking fool"

"You failed the test? Damn boy you bout grainy as hell."
by Costrander May 30, 2013
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Shortened version of grain alcohol. Usually mixed with gatorade because of it's strong bite. Often popular in prison because of its cheap, easy process that yields a strong product. Also known as White Lightning.
1. I was invited to the Grain Party but I couldn't make it because I couldn't find a designated driver.

2. That grain had me out of my mind.
by gimmiesumgrain August 29, 2010
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Pattern (morphology) of streets, buildings and other features within an urban area (Cf. grain in wood). Concept of importance to urban designers, town planners and landscape architects.
When we extend this town it will be important to reflect the existing urban grain.
by landscape consultant March 14, 2004
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The term for really small balls (testicles). Very small relating to grains of sand.
Dude you now that Austin kid. Yeah he has some major f*****g Grains.
by JWshearer April 27, 2006
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