Once a month on a Monday. You choose. It’s on a Monday because it helps you get through all the shit Mondays throw at you.
by Ctinez October 6, 2018
On may 20 it will be grab ass day so there’re for boy/girls can grab each other ass.
by Pluu May 20, 2022
National grab ass day is January 10th. Feel free to grab anyones ass as you please.
"Yo bro I wish I could grab that ass"
"Do it its national grab ass day"
by Iloveass420 January 10, 2019
On August 29 of every year you must grab a girls ass to celebrate the holiday!
oh hey! It’s national Grab ass day! make sure to grab dat ass!”.
by Bhad Bharbie August 29, 2018
On october 25 boys can grab any girls ass.
G: Why’d you grab my ass?!
B: It’s october 25, Grab ass day
G: Oh okay
by Favorite day maker October 24, 2019
grab ass day is December 17 and you have consent to grab any girl/guys ass
Hey bro guess what day it is? Its grab ass day.”
by Ddjjdfjejhxbes December 14, 2018